New York Press

(Originally appeared in the New York Press July 8 2009)

Mike Sacks has lived the dream of practically every comedy nerd. For his book And Here’s The Kicker—released today—Sacks had extensive conversations (between five and 15 hours) with 21 of America’s top humor writers.

“This was really just an excuse to talk to these people,” jokes Sacks when asked about his motivation behind writing the book. While that’s a pretty good excuse, Sacks explains that he noticed so much has been written about the comedians of past generations, but very little attention has been paid to modern humor. By skipping “comedy professionals” and going directly to the writers themselves, Sacks creates a wholly original piece that is candid, smart, informative and funny. While the names of the writers may not be immediately familiar to those outside of the comedy world, their resumes are rather impressive. Sacks, a staffer at Vanity Fair, interviewed writers for The Daily Show, Colbert Report, Arrested Development, Borat, The Onion, the Marx Brothers and many more.

—Henry Melcher