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(Originally published February 21 2011)

Mike Sacks is a prolific writer, refining the art and craft of humor for publications including Esquire, GQ, McSweeney’s, The New Yorker, and Vanity Fair.

I had the pleasure of reviewing Sacks’ prior books, and Your Wildest Dreams, Within Reason, from Tin House Books, does not disappoint. Clearly, there is no danger of Sacks growing up any time soon. He delights in imagining the world much funnier than most of us. His playful approach to reality could fill a thousand pages and still be fresh and funny.

From satire to silly, Your Wildest Dreams, Within Reason might make you think: “I’d be so cool if I was as funny as Mike.” But you’re not, so be satisfied with his rich topical humor and his view of contemporary society, not to mention his creative ideas for sex positions.

We often think writing is difficult, but Sacks doesn’t seem to work too hard at these clever pieces, and apparently doesn’t need much inspiration. The laughs roll off the page, with his distinctive style, even on the pieces co-written with help from his equally funny friends. Sacks and Scott Rothman co-wrote the “Shared Beach House for Rent” Craigslist ad and the hilarious transcription of a guy tweeting his wedding and honeymoon.

Sacks clearly has more fun as a writer than most grownups when it comes to list-making, such as his list of the worst places to die. Sacks and a fellow writer, Ted Travelstead created over thirty possibilities, including dying “In line for a funnel cake,” and “Dying in a puddle of urine, not your own.”

So, before you die, pick up a copy of Your Wildest Dreams, Within Reason to take along with you. Read the hilarious author rejection letter, or the funniest office FAQ “What the Hell is That Thing,” by Andrew in Reception. If you’re trapped in a bureaucratic office, lean back and read this tragically funny essay, but keep an eye on the office temp.

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