Press for Passable in Pink

Scott Hull: “Passable In Pink is irreverent, so don’t expect it to be cute and rosy like the films it targets. Imagine if Doug Kenny (National Lampoon) had made Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or The Breakfast Club.Those listeners expecting a loyal tribute to those films will probably be disappointed. This is a satire. And it’s razor sharp. Mike Sacks has paid attention to every detail and trope that those films used. . . Again, just as he did with the “bandit” “trucker” movies of the late 70s in Stinker. This is a masterclass in comedy right here. The writing is sharp and I can tell it’s meant to read well. But goddamit the performances are brilliant. Gillian Jacobs’ delivery is amazing, understating a lot of the writing’s sharp left turns. Odenkirk’s nerdy borderline embarrassing dad, Rhea Seehorn’s suspiciously older closest friend, and Moynihan’s Grimer are all perfectly painted characters. The entire cast is really fantastic. People looking for a little more earnest representations of 80s teen comedies might be allergic, because the pacing is much faster. And there’s a lot more packed in. Monty Python and Mr Show were the same way. As were Nichols & May. There’s more here than just content. There’s real invention here, which I believe to be exceptional.”