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(Originally appeared July 20 2009)

Cool book alert: And Here’s the Kicker

You’re invited to two parties: One is for glitzy, super-famous Hollywood types. Another is for humor writers. Which one do you attend?

Answer: Go with the funny folks. Not only will the A-listers ignore you, they probably won’t make you laugh, either.

In his new book, author Mike Sacks learns how many of the most successful humor writers got their start–and how they’ve managed to stay on top. And Here’s the Kicker: Conversations with 21 Top Humor Writers On Their Craft (Writer’s Digest, $17.99) includes wisdom from Stephen Merchant, Harold Ramis, Bob Odenkirk, Robert Smigel, Paul Feig, Mitch Hurwitz and others.

Mike was kind enough to let me excerpt his insightful and funny interview with David Sedaris from the book. In it, the best-selling humorist talks about how he got started, how he was approached by the New Yorker and how his essays come together. He also talks about the whole controversy involving “fiction vs. memoir” and mentions the New Republic article that accused him of fabricating some details in his stories.

And Here’s the Kicker is in stores now . . . .